Wednesday, January 2, 2019

17 Ways You Can Earn Passive Income Online Free in 2019

There are literally dozens of money making websites, methods and market research companies recruiting new members from around the world.

It’s completely possible to earn a steady side income online. There are a unlimited number of ways to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

But be careful! Most aren't legit, finding legitimate opportunities is the first challenges when looking worth while passive income.

I've reviewed and ranked over 75 money making websites over the years, I've seen a lot of opportunities come and go.

17 Ways You Can Earn Passive Income Online

Earn Paypal for answering simple questions sent to your notifications. I’ve covered this a bit already in my 1q App/Website proof of payment blog posts.

1Q App is a free App/Website that pays via Paypal once you respond to a text/poll you’ll get through your notifications.

The best way to earn more with the 1Q App is by referring your friends. The program is very simple, you’ll receive $.25 for every friend that you refer.

Try Affiliate marketing using payment processors. Over the last few years, payment processors like have emerged as legitimate and stable ways to earn good money online without cost. has tried it's hand at Affiliate marketing with their Program but it doesn't work well.

However, Netspend is leading the way, flawlessly bridging the gap betwee money making and payment processors.

More recently Cashme App as got into the Affiliate Marketing business with a simple $5 per referral offer well worth checking out.

Get paid to search the Web. There are Survey Sites like and will pay you to use their online interface to search the web. There free Apps you can download and even more.

Get paid to play is finally a reality. There's a huge demand for get paid to play opportunities but very few websites actually work. I've found only 2 that's worth recommending as a legitimate way to make money for gaming.

Sites like and actually pays you to play. Clixsense has the Clickgrid game and Gifthulk has the guess the card game.

Make money online by sharing links. With
 you will earn some money every time someone clicks and view the shortened links. is a URL link shortener that is also designed to allow you to earn money.

Survey sites are still good ways to earn passive income. In my opinion, the best Survey Sites are the ones with at least a 10 year track record of success.

Everyone's heard of websites like, and but don't really how valuable they can be. Survey like these have been around a long time simply because the work.

You can easily take advantage of 10 years of upgrades and new features. Experienced sites have better customer service and upgrade more often.

Really good survey sites like also have  free referral guides to help their members earn even more.

Earn  money with investment Apps. When you think about extra income, investment Apps aren't the first you thing that comes to mind.

Robinhood App isn't technically a money making App but you can make money with it. Robinhood gives you a free share of stock when you join and refer others.  You have the option to sell your stocks for cash money at any time.

you can earn $5 per referral which makes Acorn app a smart way to investment without having to pay any fees.

Get paid to run ads on spare smartphones. Websites like and have taken phone farming for money to the next level. Passive income has been easier.

Passive income Apps like also play a big part in th Passive income landscape.

This is perfect opportunity for those who have extra phone's and a Wi-fi connection.