Wednesday, January 2, 2019

17 Ways You Can Earn Passive Income Online Free in 2019

There are literally dozens of money making websites, methods and market research companies recruiting new members from around the world.

It’s completely possible to earn a steady side income online. There are a unlimited number of ways to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

But be careful! Most aren't legit, finding legitimate opportunities is the first challenges when looking worth while passive income.

I've reviewed and ranked over 75 money making websites over the years, I've seen a lot of opportunities come and go.

17 Ways You Can Earn Passive Income Online

Earn Paypal for answering simple questions sent to your notifications. I’ve covered this a bit already in my 1q App/Website proof of payment blog posts.

1Q App is a free App/Website that pays via Paypal once you respond to a text/poll you’ll get through your notifications.

The best way to earn more with the 1Q App is by referring your friends. The program is very simple, you’ll receive $.25 for every friend that you refer.

Try Affiliate marketing using payment processors. Over the last few years, payment processors like have emerged as legitimate and stable ways to earn good money online without cost. has tried it's hand at Affiliate marketing with their Program but it doesn't work well.

However, Netspend is leading the way, flawlessly bridging the gap betwee money making and payment processors.

More recently Cashme App as got into the Affiliate Marketing business with a simple $5 per referral offer well worth checking out.

Get paid to search the Web. There are Survey Sites like and will pay you to use their online interface to search the web. There free Apps you can download and even more.

Get paid to play is finally a reality. There's a huge demand for get paid to play opportunities but very few websites actually work. I've found only 2 that's worth recommending as a legitimate way to make money for gaming.

Sites like and actually pays you to play. Clixsense has the Clickgrid game and Gifthulk has the guess the card game.

Make money online by sharing links. With
 you will earn some money every time someone clicks and view the shortened links. is a URL link shortener that is also designed to allow you to earn money.

Survey sites are still good ways to earn passive income. In my opinion, the best Survey Sites are the ones with at least a 10 year track record of success.

Everyone's heard of websites like, and but don't really how valuable they can be. Survey like these have been around a long time simply because the work.

You can easily take advantage of 10 years of upgrades and new features. Experienced sites have better customer service and upgrade more often.

Really good survey sites like also have  free referral guides to help their members earn even more.

Earn  money with investment Apps. When you think about extra income, investment Apps aren't the first you thing that comes to mind.

Robinhood App isn't technically a money making App but you can make money with it. Robinhood gives you a free share of stock when you join and refer others.  You have the option to sell your stocks for cash money at any time.

you can earn $5 per referral which makes Acorn app a smart way to investment without having to pay any fees.

Get paid to run ads on spare smartphones. Websites like and have taken phone farming for money to the next level. Passive income has been easier.

Passive income Apps like also play a big part in th Passive income landscape.

This is perfect opportunity for those who have extra phone's and a Wi-fi connection.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Best Paying App for Easy Passive Income

Earn PayPal MoneyWhile  Sleep

Use CashMagnet to really start generating a passive income with little to no effort.
CashMagnet app allows you to earn extra income while you are not using the phone.

How to Earn Money with CashMagnet?
completely passive, there are no surveys to take or offers you need to sign up for. CashMagnet is unlike any other manually work, get paid to websites, cashmagnet pays  well and works flawlessly.

Get Paid to do Nothing, Well Almost Nothing...
You can actually earn money just for turning on the phone an letting the app run automatically.

Why is CashMagnet so High Paying
CashMagnet pays such high payouts per ads, because it blends multiple reward programs together.

How can I redeem my points?
You can redeem your points at any time for PayPal cash, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Playstation, and Steam Gift Cards. The minimum cash out is only $1.00 USD, if you choice PayPal.

How much can I earn?
Cashmagnet allows you to run a max of 4 phones or tablets at the same time. Each phone you can earn $15 dollars a month running them passively. That' $60 a month for doing nothing!

Passive Video App:
This cash magnet app is safe to run on your phone/tablet. It does not collect any personal data, information or modify any files. It only runs on the device when you allow it to.

Sign Up For CashMagnet
Referral ID: lHx5ZX

There is a two-level referral program. You receive 5% of the earnings for the person you invited and 5% of the earnings for the person whom your referral invited.

Can I use a non-rooted phone?
You can use a non-rooted phone however you will earn  slightly less points. Other than that, there is no limitations on non-rooted phones.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

4 Ways to Get Referrals to Netspend

I've written about Netspend in the past, showing my proof of payment.

NetSpend is a pre-paid debit card and also a legitimate way to earn money and has been flawless since 1999

On this post I want to focus on the other benefit of having a Netspend account, there $20 referral bonus for signing up with a referral link.

The prepaid debit cards also had a unlimited $20 referral bonus which allows you to earn $20 over and over again.


The Netspend referral program is very profitable, the only problem is - getting enough referrals to make good money.

The Referral Solution
Most people find getting referral the hardest part of making money online because it is. The solution can be found in team work.

You Can't Do it By Yourself
"Team work makes the dream work."

Here's 4 effective and simple ways to drive high converting traffic to your Netspend business. 

  1. Join the Referral Tip Facebook Page - You can add your Netspend referral links everyday, you will get lots of free traffic.
  2. Join BEW Facebook Group - Every post in this group gets reposted. Use hashtag #teamjako and get even more viral traffic.
  3. TrafficG - I'm not a big fan of traffic exchanges, however, there are exceptions to the rules. 
  4. There is one other traffic exchange you find works well, Easyhits4U, you can also promote your traffic exchange links in Facebook groups and pages listed here.

You need to use a referral link in order to get the bonus. If you sign up directly on the site without a referral, you won’t get it.

You must add $40 to the prepaid card in order to get the bonus. You can do a $40 ACH transfer, for example, to get this bonus. (A $40 cardholder-to-cardholder transfer will not work.)Bonus will appear within 2 business days.

Referrer will only get a bonus if the new member received one. If the new member was not eligible for the bonus (e.g. didn’t deposit $40, already had a Netspend card, etc.), the referrer won’t get one either.

If you earn $600+ in referral income, Netspend will issue you a 1099-MISC.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Netspend Referral Program Proof of Payment

NetSpend referral program really pays, I can prove it really works with my current Netspend referral program proof of payment.

Netspend is a pre-paid debit card that has been in business since 1999. With over 10 Million customers served and 130,000 reload locations available.

How to Make Money with Netspend?

The Netspend prepaid debit card have a very lucrative
an unlimited $20 referral bonus  which has proven itself to be very stable over the years.

There is only one way to earn money with Netspend and that's through the Netspend referral program.

There are lots of other referral programs showing there proofs of payments all over the Internet.

No New Referral Program
There are lots of other referral programs showing there proofs of payments all over the Internet. There's a new referral program popping up everyday. I avoid new and unproved money making methods, this is why I use Netspend.

Netspend had a flawlessly record of paying its referral program member over 15 years and counting.

The screenshot below shows my most recent free $20 I got from Netspend.

My Payment Proof from Netspend, $20 Referral Bonus October 2, 2018

How do you get the $20 referral bonus:

1. Make sure you sign up with the link below and if they ask, make sure to use the referral code 6953185084. Without the code, you won't get your $20 bonus. The signup process took just a few minutes.

2. Go to the Netspend referral page, sign up for a Prepaid Card with referral code: 6953185084 Activate your card and fund it with at least $40 and Receive your $20 Bonus!

3. Transfer $40 into your account. There are several ways to transfer funds but PayPal or a bank transfer do not have a transfer fee. Within a couple days you'll see the bonus appear.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

5 Best Alternatives to Survey Sites

Most people aren't big fans of using Survey Sites and doing survey to earn money, myself included.

If you're looking for the best alternatives to making money with survey sites, you're in the right place.

I started my online money making journey over 15 years
ago with free survey sites like P2S, Treasuretrooper and Clixsense. Back then, survey sites were the only doable option available for the average person to earn online free.

Times have changed, in 2018 you'll find there are a lot more free money making options available other than survey sites.

"Finding A Needle in a Stack of Needles"

After extensively searching everyday for many years, I finally found a few profitable, stable and doable alternative earning methods other than survey sites.

So, let's get started

Here are my 5 best alternatives to earning free money with survey sites

1. Netspend

NetSpend is a pre-paid debit
card that has been in business since 1999. The prepaid debit cards is an unlimited $20 referral bonus. You can make $20 over and over again.

How Can I Make Money with Netspend?

When you refer friends,
family members, *anyone*, you receive a $20 Referral Bonus and they receive their $20 welcome Bonus once they load at least $40 on their card.

Netspend is a good alternative to survey sites however, you will need way to get referrals, here are some free traffic methods you can get a good started with.

How do you get the $20 referral bonus?

Step 1.)  Sign up with this link and if they ask, make sure to use the referral code 69530185084

Without the code, you won't
get your $20 bonus. The signup process took just a few minutes. The bonus is automatically added to your Netspend account.

Step 2.) Activate the card you ordered once you receive it in the mail. It will arrive within 7 to 10 days. Instructions for activating it are on the card.

Step 3) Add at least $40.00 to your new NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard account. You can add money by Direct Deposit, transfer it from an existing bank account.

2. CashMagnet

CashMagnet is an App that can make you money passively…. while you do nothing.

YES, it's completely true, you really can get paid to do nothing, well almost nothing.

CashMagnet is a great
alternative to Survey Sites or get-paid-to apps – you don’t have to answer surveys, play games, or complete tasks of any kind. You earn passively when you are NOT using your smartphone

Basically, CashMagnet will
simply use your phone like a BOT. The automated app will look for online Ads and click those automatically and you are paid for that.

CashMagnet is a free App that you can download for android phones. All you will need is a smartphone connected to the internet.

Download CashMagnet

CashMagnet is Worth $60 a month even without a single referral.

You can use up to 4 Smartphones per household. The maximum you can earn is $15 per device, per month. However, the referral program will allow you to earn even more.

I use 4 Android phones so I am earning $60 a month, without referrals.

That being said, $60 is still $60 … and you aren’t doing anything for it.

3. Robinhood App

When you think of an investment App, you don't automatically think of quick money source. Although Investment Apps work better within a long term financial strategy, they can also be used for earning quick cash when you need it. Robinhood App is available on Android/iOS devices.

Get Your Free Share of
Stock from Robinhood
1.  You must be new to Robinhood to be eligible for a free share. (If you already have an account, you aren’t eligible.

2.  You have to sign up using a referral link (llnk the one below).

Click here to download Robinhood App free

Robinhood works flawlessly with your PayPal account making it easy to cash a few shares of stocks whenever you need to.

If you enjoy Robinhood App, then you'll also like Acorn App. Acorn is a good alternative investment App to Robinhood App, or you can try them both use them both.

4. 1Q App

1Q pays immediately upon your answer via PayPal  If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will need to get one. 1Q charges no fees.

Every answer is paid either $.25 or $.50 cents. When you
register, you're asked if you'd prefer to receive $.25 or $.50 cents per question.

Download 1Q App Free

 and it says that if you choose the $.25 cent option, you'll likely get more questions.

5. BestEasyWork

I have found this program very easy to signup and use daily to promote my links.

BestEasyWork lets free members you earn $25 for every PAID upgraded member on your downline.

Signups are only limited for U.S. based customers and not
internationally offered. The signup are required to pay for upgrades by money order and no credit cards are used because of the abuse on their refund request.

There is no Refund in this program - so be sure to join and work it the right way - all the time.