Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Best Paying App for Easy Passive Income

Earn PayPal MoneyWhile  Sleep

Use CashMagnet to really start generating a passive income with little to no effort.
CashMagnet app allows you to earn extra income while you are not using the phone.

How to Earn Money with CashMagnet?
completely passive, there are no surveys to take or offers you need to sign up for. CashMagnet is unlike any other manually work, get paid to websites, cashmagnet pays  well and works flawlessly.

Get Paid to do Nothing, Well Almost Nothing...
You can actually earn money just for turning on the phone an letting the app run automatically.

Why is CashMagnet so High Paying
CashMagnet pays such high payouts per ads, because it blends multiple reward programs together.

How can I redeem my points?
You can redeem your points at any time for PayPal cash, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Playstation, and Steam Gift Cards. The minimum cash out is only $1.00 USD, if you choice PayPal.

How much can I earn?
Cashmagnet allows you to run a max of 4 phones or tablets at the same time. Each phone you can earn $15 dollars a month running them passively. That' $60 a month for doing nothing!

Passive Video App:
This cash magnet app is safe to run on your phone/tablet. It does not collect any personal data, information or modify any files. It only runs on the device when you allow it to.

Sign Up For CashMagnet
Referral ID: lHx5ZX

There is a two-level referral program. You receive 5% of the earnings for the person you invited and 5% of the earnings for the person whom your referral invited.

Can I use a non-rooted phone?
You can use a non-rooted phone however you will earn  slightly less points. Other than that, there is no limitations on non-rooted phones.

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