Wednesday, December 19, 2018

4 Ways to Get Referrals to Netspend

I've written about Netspend in the past, showing my proof of payment.

NetSpend is a pre-paid debit card and also a legitimate way to earn money and has been flawless since 1999

On this post I want to focus on the other benefit of having a Netspend account, there $20 referral bonus for signing up with a referral link.

The prepaid debit cards also had a unlimited $20 referral bonus which allows you to earn $20 over and over again.


The Netspend referral program is very profitable, the only problem is - getting enough referrals to make good money.

The Referral Solution
Most people find getting referral the hardest part of making money online because it is. The solution can be found in team work.

You Can't Do it By Yourself
"Team work makes the dream work."

Here's 4 effective and simple ways to drive high converting traffic to your Netspend business. 

  1. Join the Referral Tip Facebook Page - You can add your Netspend referral links everyday, you will get lots of free traffic.
  2. Join BEW Facebook Group - Every post in this group gets reposted. Use hashtag #teamjako and get even more viral traffic.
  3. TrafficG - I'm not a big fan of traffic exchanges, however, there are exceptions to the rules. 
  4. There is one other traffic exchange you find works well, Easyhits4U, you can also promote your traffic exchange links in Facebook groups and pages listed here.

You need to use a referral link in order to get the bonus. If you sign up directly on the site without a referral, you won’t get it.

You must add $40 to the prepaid card in order to get the bonus. You can do a $40 ACH transfer, for example, to get this bonus. (A $40 cardholder-to-cardholder transfer will not work.)Bonus will appear within 2 business days.

Referrer will only get a bonus if the new member received one. If the new member was not eligible for the bonus (e.g. didn’t deposit $40, already had a Netspend card, etc.), the referrer won’t get one either.

If you earn $600+ in referral income, Netspend will issue you a 1099-MISC.