Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Top 5 Free Money Making Websites 2018

If your looking a simple way to earn money online completely free, your in luck.

I'm currently earning money online using very simple high paying Websites and Apps. I'm currently being paid through PayPal and Checks only.

How Do I Make Money
I'm getting paid to do very
simple stuff like, watching unlimited videos, viewing slideshows, playing games, answering simple text messages, clicking ads, referring others and much more.

Earn Money After Work
At the end of a long at work day, the last thing you want to do is learn something new.

Even when you're dead tired and half watching TV,  you can still be productive and earn some easy money with very little effort

Top 5 Free Money Making Websites 2018

  1. 1Q App - Paid to answer text messages. Proof of payment below.
  2. Gifthulk - Paid to Play, guess the card game.
  3. Points2Shop - Excellent referral program.
  4. Timebucks - Get paid to view slideshows, free referral guide and free BitCoins.
  5. Clixsense - Pays via check, best free 7 level referral program on the planet.

Instant PayPal Money, 1Q is The App For That

1Q App is a App that pays you to answer text messages questions on your smartphone.

You are paid $.25 per text
message and $.25 per referral. The payments are instant, straight to your PayPal account.

Join Here: 1Q App

Paid to Play with GiftHulk

2.) GiftHulk is a GPT (Get Paid To) Website. Gifthulk has been around over 5 years, if you haven't joined Yet, do so, it well worth the effort.

Guess the Card Game
GiftHulk has everything a
good survey site should have and they also have, guess the card game, you can't lose.

GiftHulk Coin can be exchanged PayPal money, very cool and profitable.

Earn Big - Points2Shop Referral Program

3.) Points2shop a very special GPT website for many reasons. My favorite earning features is there referral program.

Points2Shop Lucrative Referral Program

You earn $3.00 per referral, however, you get a 15% cut of their lifetime earnings.
Refer a handful of dedicated users, and you’ll be sitting pretty!

How Do I Get Started?
It's quite to sign-up, simply confirm your email and complete a few surveys and other various offers or if you DON'T want to complete a survey why not PLAY A GAME AND RECEIVE PAYMENT for it.
Plus you get 250 points just for signing up (once you confirm e-mail).

Join Points2shop Free Now

Sign up today and start earning you wont regret it.

Get Paid to View Slideshows with Timebucks

4.) Timebucks  is a get paid to website that pays users for performing a wide variety of online based tasks.

How Does TimeBucks Work
TimeBucks rewards users for completing surveys, watching videos, installing apps, playing games, and more. You can also earn cash by completing interesting tasks such as taking selfies, drawing photos of other people.


Unlike most of the micro-jobs,
TimeBucks offers unique ways to earn  cash.

Timebucks is a site where you
can win free Bitcoin every hour. Plus a mining site where you can earn Bitcoin.

Win up to $200 in Free Bitcoins Multiply your BitCoins playing HI-LOW in HI-LO jackpots up to 1 Bitcoin Free weekly lottery with big prizes Bitcoin savings account with daily interest 50% referral commission for life.

Who Can Join TimeBucks
TimeBucks is free to join. Users can create a new account by visiting the company's website by using their Facebook information or entering an email address and password.

Timebucks works in all countries where PayPal is accepted and there are no minimum age requirements.

TimeBucks Earning Tip 
The best way to earn money using TimeBucks is through its referral program. You will receive a referral link that you can use on social media or email to invite others. The program pays out 5 levels deep.

 Clixsense Pay Via Check

5.) Clixsense is a PTC (Paid to Click) Website which was started in 2007.
The minimum cash out for standard members is $8.00.

How Do You Get Paid
The method of payment is Payza (former Alertpay), or by Check.
As shown, in my screenshot on the right, I've reached the minimum an can cash out at anytime. It takes 7 to 10 days before I'll get my check in the mail.

Click Here To Join Free

Thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions about making money online free, leave them in the comments. I will answer questions quickly as I find they a great source of inspiration.