Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Best 5 Survey Sites 2017

So it's a new year and you want to make some serious money online completely free.

As cliche as it may sound, making money online is easy, well easier than you probably think.

I originally featured these 5 free survey sites in my blog post "Top 20 Free GPT Websites". In this blog post I wanted to focus on the too 5 highest-paying survey sites and share a few valuable tips.

I won't waste your time with websites and methods that aren't worth your time and efforts. Here Are a Few of the unique things you will get paid to do.
  • Post Link's On Facebook
  • Making short phone calls (cashmobile)
  • Downloading free Apps
  • Tag People On Facebook 
  • View Funny Slideshows 
  • Click on links
  • Referring others
  • Sharing Links
  • Watch Unlimited Video's
  • Taking Survey's
  • Play Games (The Card Game)

In my humble opinion, "it's always a good idea to always be looking for new income streams".

Most importantly, all of these can help you make some extra money to put toward paying down debt and living a richer life.

So let's get started...

Best Paying Survey Sites 2017

1. Points2shop

Points2Shop has been around since 2007 and has over 13 million members, with 250k Facebook fans. They have millions of members and have awarded millions of dollars to them.

Who Can Join
You must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old with parental consent to join Points2Shop. Although the website is open to people worldwide, those from the USA, UK, and Canada may find that they have the most success with the website.

How P2S Works
Signing up with P2S (Points2shop) is easy. Just sign up with your email address and activate your membership through a link in your email.

When you log in for the first time on P2S, you might find the interface a somewhat cluttered and overwhelming. No worries, just find something you like and spend a bulk of your time on that.

Who Can Join?
There is an age requirement, You must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old with parental consent to join

Points2Shop is open to International members, those from the USA, UK and Canada may find that they have the most offers and features available to them.

Click Here to Join Points2shop

How Do I Get Paid
PayPal, Amazon, Visa and Check. Payment minimum: $1 PayPal and $5 minimum for everything else, no cost no upgrades.

2. Treasuretrooper

Treasuretrooper 10 Year of Flawless Service

surely everyone has heard of Treasuretrooper, they just celebrated 10 years in business. If you're looking for a stable survey website and a reliable way to make money online, Treasuretrooper is definitely the way to go.

Actually I've been with treasuretrooper over 3 years and it's one of the very best, for many reasons. They do what they say there going to do, number one.

Who Can Join
TreasureTrooper is open to residents worldwide, However, US, Canada, and UK residents will find that they have the most success using the website. Must be 13 years of age or older or have a parent's consent

Here's My Payment Proof
There are a lot of ways to make money with Treasuretrooper althought I only used two features and I earn
great money.

Get Paid to Download App
The first feature I use is "Cash Mobile"
where I'm able to earn $5 or more an hour easily downloading apps on your smartphone - here's the cool part  --- every App you download you're paid $0.50 (we're talking about real PayPal money) so imagine $0.50 every 3 or 4 minutes.

Click here to join Treasuretrooper

The Downside 
Cash Mobile is one of the most profitable features I've ever seen on a free site but there is one downside.

Although some of the Apps you download credit immediately, sometimes it takes 24 hours before the Apps credit to your account. No worries, be patient, they always credit. That's very cool - no one else pays $0.50 per free App you downlaod, NOBODY!

3. TimeBucks

TimeBucks is a very unique GPT website which forced itself way onto my best 5 survey sites 2017 list.

You get paid to watching videos, voting, playing games, taking selfies, growing a beard, taking pictures and much more! You even get your own, dedicated account manager to help you earn as much money as possible, that's very unique.

How Do I Get Paid
Payout minimum is $10 through PayPal payment. Must be 13 years old to join or have parental consent. Open to International members.

Referral Program
You will get paid commission for anyone you refer to TimeBucks also has a really great referral program that
pays 5 levels.

Click here to join TimeBucks

Free Referral Guide
The free referral guide you get as a free member alone is worth the price of admission, which is completely FREE!
The referral guide is spot-on one of the best I've ever seen and I've actually used a few of the tips over the last few days.

4. Clixsense

ClixSense is one of the oldest PTC (Paid to Click) website and has been online and paying its member since February 2007.

Click Here Join ClixSense 

ClixSense allows you to earn rewards by visiting websites, completing tasks, shopping, and more.

Get paid via check, PayPal, PayToo, and
Payza (in some countries). For electronic payments, a minimum account balance of $6.00 is required for Premium members, and $8.00 is required for Standard members.

Who Can Join
Open to International members.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is much more than a GPT Site, it's a “Premier Rewards Site” and a leading online search engine like Google, Bing or Ask.

How It Works
Swagbucks is amazingly simple. You just sign up and you can either go to their website each time you to gain points for each time you do a search using the Swagbucks search engine.

How Do I Get Paid
Swag Bucks are good towards a wide variety of prizes, including everything from GPS systems to memorabilia to gift cards to actual cash via PayPal.

Click here to join Swagbucks

Other Ways To Earn Money with SB
However, your ability to gain points does not end with merely watching videos and search queries There are a ton of other ways to save and earn SwagSwagbucks:

  1. Special Offer
  2. Surveys Daily polls
  3.  Shop
  4. Trade-In Program 
  5. Swagbucks (watch and Earn)
  6. Polls
  7. Invite Friends and many more...
Who can join
Members must be 13 years or older or have parent consent. Available to International  members however  members from USA Canada UK will have more offers available to them.