Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Make Money Online Using Free Sites and Methods

I've discovered a few really brilliant and completely legitimate proven ways to make money online using free sites.

In this day and age there is really no excuse for not having the money you need. If you have access to the Internet and a smartphone - you can earn some serious cash online, that's a fact! Let me show you how.

It's okay to be a quitter just never quit on yourself.
Literally anybody, anywhere in the world can easily earn real PayPal money with a simple Smartphone, Laptop or Computer. I personally haven't had any problems making money online with my $50 Android smartphone. I use multiple free sites and it works perfect with all of them, "I haven't had a computer in over 3 years".

I Researched "How to Make Money Online" So You Don't Have Too

I've tested and reviewed more than 75 free sites, free Apps that pay, PTC (Paid to click) sites, and GPT sites and I only managed to find 12 sites that are worth my time and are still currently paying me.

My top 7 out of 12 is featured in this blog post, the ones I can truly recommend.

Before you start earning with these sites there are a few things you should take note of.

The sites listed below are the best of the best - sites as good as these are hard to find. Don't try to cheat the system - it's not worth the risk of losing your valuable account. Besides, you can make great money without any type of cheats or hacks.

Best 7 Online Money Making
Websites 2016

I'm always reviewing and testing new sites, always on the lookout for other simple and free stream of income so I can enrich your lives and mine.

Be sure to bookmark this site and come back often for the latest news in wherever is happening in the free online money making world.

Easy sign up by clicks on the pink links below.

http://www.treasuretrooper.com/6994151. ) Treasuretrooper is the most stable GPT Site with a Flawless reputation. Treasuretrooper started in August 2005 and has been online paying its members consistently.

How To Get Paid
My current PayPal statement from TreasureTrooper
Treasure Trooper offers two different forms of payment, Check and PayPal.

And for those die-hard skeptics out there, (on the right) is my screenshot of a payment I received from Treasuretrooper.

Treasuretrooper has a a new feature called "Cash mobile" where you're paid $0.50 per app that you download.

Cash Mobile is a Big Deal!
It only takes me 25 - 35 minutes to earn $5, that's literally earning $10 an hour for just downloading apps. Sometimes the downloads credit to my account in minutes and sometimes it may take a few hours but they always credit.

Click Here to Start Completely Free

The minimum cash out amount is $20 for both methods. Checks usually take 15 days to receive after cashing out and PayPal only takes a day or two.

 2.) Points2shop is hands down one of the best  GPT sites or reward programs on the planet. With over 4 million members. They also have a forum an a very active shoutbox on the main site to assist you every step of the way.

Members can earn virtual points or real cash participating in some activities on the website such as completing surveys, doing offers, completing tasks, watching videos, playing games, shopping online with money back and many more earning ways.

If you you're already making money with sites like PrizeRebel you'll love P2S.

You can redeem your points for millions of rewards that are available on the website such as Gift Cards and also withdraw your cash earnings through their various Cashout Methods such as Check, Paypal etc.

Points2shop cashout minimum is $1 dollar for PayPal users. My proof of payment is on lots of paged on this blog alone helpful tips you use at no cost.

How to make $25 a Month Watching Videos
3.) Swagbucks is much more than a GPT Site, it's a “Premier Rewards Site” and a leading online search engine like Google, Bing or Ask.

Swagbucks is 100% free to join. They have 1,800,000 Facebook fans - "I'm definitely a big fan". I have received multiple
My current proof of payment from Swagbucks
paypal payments without any hassles.

On the right is my latest payment proof. A screenshot of my $25 payment I received from Swagbucks via PayPal.

My Favorite way to Earn $25 a Month
Download the free Swagbucks Mobile App, you can just leave the app running all day (provided you've got your charger handy) and bank up to 50 extra bucks a day (independent of the 150 per day you're limited to on the Web).

Using just this method alone you should have no problem earning $25 bucks a month, straight to your Paypal account right from the start, without much effort or referrals.

However, your ability to earn Swag Bucks does not end with watching videos and search queries, there are a ton of other ways to save and earn on Swag Bucks:
  • Special Offers
  • Surveys
  • Daily polls
  • Shopping
  • Invite friends
  • Trade-In Program and many more...

Get Paid Every Hour - I'm SERIOUS!

4.) Gifthulk is high paying GPT (get paid to) site which started in 2011 and has awarded over $1,500,000 in prizes to its members. It’s been featured on CBS News and has over 47k Facebook fans.

Who Can Join?
Open To: Users who are 13+ and are residents of US / UK / CAN / AUS / FRANCE / GERMANY / IRELAND.

Members can earn Hulk Coins by participating in various tasks, and coins can then be redeemed for a wide variety of gift cards and cash options, there are dozens of different prize options available.

GiftHulk definitely has the best search and win option ever, its more of a guarantee than a win situation. You can search once every hour and get a guaranteed 4 to 8 Hulk Coins ever time you do a search from the GiftHulk site.

Ever hour, very cool because the Hulk Coins can be exchanged for PayPal money - nobody else is doing it like that.

Click here to register for free

Referrals: 100 Hulk Coins on initial sign-up + 500 HC once the referral reachs Silver Level (they earn 1000 HC for themselves.)

Cash Outs: Various gift cards and Paypal cash starting at $5.00 = 5000 HC.

You will receive any e-prizes in under 5 business days from the date of your redemption. With physical prizes, your reward will also be shipped to you in under 7 business days.

5.) Clixsense is a PTC site,  In my humble opinion, clixsense is the best PTC site and the only Paid to Click site I use.

On the right is my most recent PayPal statement from Clixsense.

Other Ways to Earn with Clixsense...
  • Data Entry
  • Finding Errors on Webpages
  • Mini Surveys
  • Validate Authors & Articles
  • Market Research Jobs
  • Comparing Images
  • Rule-Based Search Relevance
You can earn good money by completing these tasks but it does depend on your level of patience.

6.) CashPirate is a amazing free app in the google play store. I've tried a lot of Apps that claim to earn you easy money. After three or four months of serious investigation, I've come to the conclusion that CashPirate is the best App I've seen!

You can be paid via PayPal or
amazon. (on the right) I just cashed out for $2.5 paypal which is the minimum payout and is only 2500 points and it arrived within minutes (without fees).

By signing up with a ref code you get 500 bonus points ($0.50) a fifth of what you need for minimum cash out of 2.50 paypal. On the right is my last PayPal statement.

You can watch ads, do surveys and install apps for points ads deliver 6-10 points, apps give 50-300 and surveys give 20-500

1.) Install CashPirate from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ayet.cashpirate

2.) Enter my referral code "LOHBFD" at signup.

3.) You get +50% coins for the first 1000 coins you earn (= 500 coins bonus) and can start making money right away!

Why is iCharity Club a Great Way to Make Money Online?

A genius system implemented in a perfect way.

7.) iCharity Club is a Peer-to-Peer Donation Platform, No fees. You donate $20 and you will receive from $100 in return. By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other
members in a systematic way.

Check Out Introduction Slides

You can't get scammed
There is no middle man, no one to hold your money. No admin, No one managing the funds. The money will go directly to your account so it's impossible for anyone to scam you. People will send money to your account. you can use PayPal or BitCoin.

 Click Here to Register

iCharity Club is a peer-to-peer donation platform for members to help other members in a systematic way.
By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other.

Who Can Join
It is open to everybody, anywhere in the world can join this program.