Sunday, November 8, 2015

Get Paid to Advertise with Mypayingads

How to Get Paid to Advertise

If you have followed my blog for any

time then you're probably already earning a secondary income using (GPT) get paid to sites. I have some good news epecially for newbies who may not be earning very much yet.

Get Paid to Advertise Your Links

The main question I get from new readers is " how can I get more traffic to my GPT affiliate links without spending money?"

The truth is you need free and paid traffic if you want to be successful with GPT sites. Luckily over the last few months I have stumbled upon the perfect answer, "get paid to advertise". That's the whole idea of revenue sharing, that's what Mypayingads (MPA) is all about.

The secret to making good money online is really knowing yourself. Knowing what you can an can't do.  I know I can't put together an email responder or understand what a matrix does so I look for very simple ways to make money.

Thanks to Lori's Petrosino tutorials and quick start videos, I'm off to a great start.

You can check out Lori's YouTube channel click here.

Mypayingads (MPA for short) is free to join
As a free member, you can earn from clicking the free cashlinks as well as from referral commissions from our upgraded referrals.

You can buy ad packs as low as $1 per pack with a minimum of 5 packs at MPA (Mypayingads).

Click here to join, this is my refer link, if
you join under me I will transfer $3 to your MPA account. After joining send me an email an in 3 or 4 days you'll received your $3 In your account.

My Paying Ads Referral Program
You don't need to refer others before you can earn. In fact free members do earn as well, but referring others to the opportunity can skyrocket your PayPal earns.

How do I get paid?
Payment processors includes PayPal, Perfect Money and Payza.

They have really great support system that responds fast. The owner, Uday often responds directly especially through the facebook pages.

How I fund my MPA account
If you need a way to earn the money to invest I highly recommend clicking on the ads they provide on MPA or try using one of the 5 free get paid to (GPT) sites I earn with every day .

I simply earn the money on these 5 free sites then transfer the money to my paypal then to my MPA account, I never see the money so I never miss it.

1. P2S - Check out my payment proof.
2. Treasuretrooper
3. Swagbucks - Paid to search and watch
4. Clixsense - Paid to click ads, really great site to advertise inside of MPA.
5. Gifthulk - Paid to watch unlimited videos and play games.