Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Make Money with GPT Sites

No. 1: Gifthulk
GiftHulk is actually the most entertaining GPT sites will ever find. What really makes Gifthulk shine is the fact that you don't even need to know how to make money, they make it easy to make money. Sites like Gifthulk and Get-paid.are a part of a new generation of GPT mega sites with endless ways to earn real money.

I'm sure most of you guys know about Swagbucks, well Gifthulk is just as good, maybe better, I can't decided which GPT site is the best because I'm still finding cool stuff on both. 

How do you use the Gifthulk codes? 

Gifthulk codes are very cool because there every where, I found one in my email worth 25 hulk coins for no reason. Once you sign up through this link go to the “Fountain of Youth” and insert the code to get your free coins. You will also get codes in your email so keep your eyes open.

My 3rd Payment just for Watch Videos
I've included a screen shot of my most recent Paypal statement to proof you really can earn money just for watching videos.  

I wanted to point out that if you are not yet a GiftHulk member and you choose to sign up please use my referral link (click here).

Gifthulks Unlimited Videos to View!
I made it my mission to find as many paid to sites that paid it's FREE member for watching videos. 
Finding sites as good as or better than GiftHulk seemed to be easy but turned out be very hard to do. 

Okay, I’ll shut up. Proof time: To the right is a screen shot of my current proof of payment from Gifthulk.

Finding a good get paid to site can be a challenge, I only use the best sites to avoid wasting any time or effort There are hundreds of sites that claim to pay you to do simple stuff but only a few are worth your time.
No.2: Points2Shop
Points2Shop is most likely the best GPT site Ever! Not only is it P2S a trustworthy reputation sites it's also a very social sites with helpful members who can show you how to make money with GPT Sites. Making money isn't at all hard to do and can be done very quickly and you will never need a credit car or any external source of money, it completely free.


STEP 2 : After signing up, you will be sent a validation email. You must confirm your email to use Points2Shop. You will be given $2.50 just for confirming your email. That means you can cash out as soon as you join.

STEP 3 : Complete offers by watching videos, playing games, signing up for newsletters, taking quizzes, participating in surveys etc. 

STEP 4 : Redeem - You can redeem for Paypal cash, checks and 5 other ways to redeem. 

No .3: SwagBucks and Swagbucks TV App
The concept of Swagbucks is essentially very simple, make use of the Swagbucks internet search engine and gain cash while you navigate on the internet. 

And just in case you're pondering that everything sounds too good to be true, you can't be more wrong. 
My Top Money Making Sites Payment Proof

The simple truth is more than 490,000 artists are using this compensated internet search engine and therefore are generating money while you learn this. And you will begin deploying it too!

What exactly is the next step next? Simple:
  1. Join a FREE Swagbucks account
  2. Make use of the Swagbucks search engine to collect Swag bucks
  3. Exchange your Swagbucks for PayPal money or gift cards.
Don't Fear the App
I been using the free Swagbucks Mobile App about 3 weeks and It works perfectly and best of all it's completely hands free. 

I will admit I was scared to try the app, first of all I didn't know how to use the app and thought it might me complicated or I'd get banned from Swagbucks for logging in with my phone or something like that but I was wrong it works great. 

I glad I put my fears and downloaded the free app, "I Can't believe I was missing out one all those Swag Bucks". Ever morning I start my app sometimes and just let it run while at the same time I open the Swagbucks Website and Start watching video.

How to Money Making with Videos

I have a very cheap Boost Mobile Android Phone so I can't download apps and earn but I can earn an easy $50 bucks a month just watching videos, using the free app and watch video on my PC, no referrals needed.

There are over 1,000+ new movie, dvds & game trailers, scenes and interviews along with a dose of comedy clips, all from your Android device and earn real Paypal money, or giftcards.

How to Make Money with SB App

SB TV Mobile App is hands free, there’s no need to stop the fun when you’re away from your computer. Simply launch the SBTV mobile app and enjoy the latest videos on the go while the Swag Bucks Meter tracks your earning progress.

• Earn 2 SB  per every 5 videos, that’s 33% more than the web-based SBTV.
• Extend your daily Swag Buck earning limit! In addition to the 150 SB daily web limit, you can earn up to 50 SB daily from your mobile.  
"I Just Let My Mobile App Earn Me Swagbucks, easy."

So let's do the Math....

Let's say it you run the mobile app every day for 30 days.

150 x 30 = 4,500 Swab Bucks Per month

Adding the App and the PC Money that's...

150 SB x 30 DAYS = 4,500 SB 

4,500 = $45 Dollars Cash Money! Per Month.