Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Make Money with Treasuretrooper

Treasuretrooper is a GPT site (Get Paid To Site) with a Flawless
reputation for over 10 years. Members earn money by completing daily surveys, making short phone calls, playing mini-games, downloading apps, watching videos, completing tasks, paid to search the net etc.

What is treasuretrooper worth?
Although there are many ways to make money with treasuretrooper I mainly focus on 3 simple methods to make money. I use cash mobile, cash calls and their amazing referral program.

Get Paid to Download Apps
With "Cash Mobile" I'm able to earn $5 an hour or more easily. Simply downloading apps and trying them out for a couple of minutes. Every app you download you're paid $0.50 (real PayPal money) so imagine earning $0.50 every 3 or 4 minutes, this is a very lucrative feature.

Cash Mobile Down Side
The apps always credit although some take 24 to 48 hours before
the money is credited to your account but they always credit.

Get Paid to Make Short Calls
Treasuretrooper members can also make money through a feature called, cash calls. This means you call advertisers, ask hard questions and then listening to what they have to say. Payouts range between $0.50 and $1.50 per call.

Treasuretrooper Referral Program
The other method I used to make money with treasuretrooper is the two-level referral program.

Treasuretrooper referral program is better than everyone else's because it runs like a clock, people actually use the site to make money all day long. Earn $1 just for signing up. They also have a valid privacy policy.

To sign up for free: Click here 

How do I Get Paid?
TreasureTrooper allows you to cash your rewards through PayPal or in the form of a mailed check.

Minimum cash out balance is $20. The check option takes a few days but PayPal transactions are generally quick and easy. Be aware that it can take up to 72 hours for your rewards to be credited to your account after you've completed a task.

Who Can Join?
TreasureTrooper is open to residents worldwide, However, US, Canada, and UK residents will find that they have the most success using the website.

As always, be sure to bookmark this post and come back often. I will keep you updated on the best ways to make money online using free and easy websites.