Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top 3 Free Money Making GPT Websites

Anyone can easily make money online completely free. There are literally thousands of legitimate ways to make money extra on the internet. The trick is finding the right free website and or method that works for you and is worth your time.

In my efforts to answer the question, "how can I make money online free?" First I had to be realistic with myself and what I was willing to do and what I have time for.

YES, Absolutely, You REALLY Make Money Online Free!

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed so I knew what ever I used to earn money online, it would have to be free, simple and fast. I don't have anytime to waste and I'm NOT going to waste your time with low paying Websites or anything that might be a scam.

*Easy sign up by clicking each of the links below:
  1. Treasuretrooper
  2. Points2shop
  3. Gifthulk
I'm always looking for the simplest FREE methods to make money using my smartphone. The 3 free money making sites I feature here are currently paying me, as shown in my PayPal proof of payment screen shots below. Not only have these sites worked perfect for me but they have also maintained a flawless reputation online for many years.

Here's my Top 3 GPT (Get Paid To) Sites 

Be sure and bookmark this blog and come back often as I will keep you updated on the best free sites and simplest money making methods on the internet.

Treasuretrooper celebrates its 10th anniversary
1.) Treasuretrooper - is a GPT (Get Paid To) Site established in 2007. There are plenty of different ways to earn such as downloading free Apps, taking surveys, playing games, answering trivia, making phone calls, shopping online, and other tasks.

The referral program is the best, it runs like a clock because people actually
Treasuretrooper proof of pCheck.t
use the site.

How Do I Get Paid?
  • Payment: PayPal, Amazon, Visa and Check
  • Payment Minimum: $20 PayPal 
  • Cost to Join: Free 
  • Open to International Members
Althought there are many different ways to earn with Treasuretrooper I manily focus on download free Apps for PayPal cash with a feature called "cash mobile". I can easily earn $20 in 1 day. When I need some quick money, this is where I go.

Who Can Join?
Open To: Members who are 13+ and open to International members.

2.) Points2shop - (P2S) is a Get Paid to (GPT) Website where you can earn rewards for completing various
(P2S) has been around and paying its free members since 2007.

Website: Points2shop

Payment type: PayPal, Amazon, Visa and Check

Cost to Join: Complete Free, no upgrades

What the Points Worth?
Points2shop works on a points system where 100 points is equal to $1.

Points2shop also have a Facebook and Reddit account not to mention they have a flawless
Points2shop proof of payment
reputation. A real must have in anyones free money making Arsenal!

How Do I Get Paid?
  • Payment: PayPal, Amazon, Visa, Check
  • Payment Minimum: $1 PayPal and $5 all other pay out methods
  • Cost to Join: Free
  • Open to International Members
Who Can Join Points2shop: You must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old with parental consent to join.

Although the website is open to people worldwide, those from the USA, UK, and Canada may find that they have the most success with the website.

» Points2Shop is currently offering a 250 point ($2.50) signup bonus to new members.

3.) Gifthulk - Anyone can make money with Gifthulk! I'm able to
earn $14 bucks a week playing the card game an referral on this site, YES - PayPal cash for playing a game! The only site I've ever seen that pays you to play a game.

Open To: Members who are 13+ and are residents of US / UK / CAN / AUS / FRANCE / GERMANY / IRELAND.

Referrals: 100 Hulk Coins on initial sign-up + 500 HC once the referral reachs Silver Level (they earn 1000 HC for themselves.)

Website: Gifthulk

Cash Outs: Various gift cards and Paypal cash starting at $5.00 = 5000 HC.