Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why Gifthulk is Better than Swagbucks

Gifthulk is a major get paid to site that accounts for more than 20 percent of my online earnings. Gifthulk is easily the most diverse and ingenious get paid to website ever.
What Makes Gifthulk Better than Swagbucks

There is no doubt Swagbucks is a great site, there aren't many sites as good as Swagbucks but there is one better.

3 Reasons Why Gifthulk is better than Swagbucks
1.) Gifthulk has unlimited videos you can watch for PayPal cash and Swagbucks only offer 150 get paid to watch videos for cash, including their free TV apps.
2.) Gifthulk is the only site that actually pays you to play games, that's a big deal.
3.) Gifthulk has a better referral program than Swagbucks. Even if your referral is inactive you get 100 points just for them signing up.
Best Ways to Earn with Gifthulk
I'm always looking for an easy way to make money online free. I never do surveys, I only like super easy ways to make money like, getting paid to watch videos, getting paid to play games, getting paid to surf the net and Gifthulk has all of these features.
A feature called Gifthilk TV where you earn money and get paid to watch unlimited videos which is very cool and almost effortless.

Gifthulk Amazing Card Games
If you really want to know how to make money and get paid for playing games look no further.
The game is called "Guess the Card" game, you can either guess the suit of the card or the rank of the card, guess both and when a good amount of money.
There's always new and better ways to make money online free and Gifthulk is a perfect example of that.
Gifthulk is better than most sites and is a real way to earn Paypal money.