Friday, September 5, 2014

Why is Points2shop at the Top of Everyone's Best GPT List- Early 2014 Review

I've been with Points2shop well over 2 years. Over my time as a member, I've consistently earned money and points2shop has consistently earned its top spot on all of my GPT (Get Paid to) lists over the years.

I'm not the only one who proclaimes Points2Shop as the best GPT site ever. Almost everyone's in the "free online money making niche" consistently rates Points2shop in their top 5 best GPT list over the last 5 years.

P2S (Points2shop) offers an amazing variety of ways you can make money online without cost, too many money making features to mention.

Here's another reason why P2S (Points2shop) tops the list of best GPT sites on everyone list - "and this is important". You would be hard pressed to find another GPT site, or any site, with a better or faster responding administration team.

I've never went more than two days without a response from administration. The P2S staff and members honestly want to see you do well an earn lots of money.

I don't usually crown the years best GPT Site or money making site this early in the year but I think it's safe to say, Points2shop is the best GPT site 2014, possibly the best site on the planet

Just in case you may have forgotten, P2S is simply the best GPT 2014. If you're already a member of Points2shop and you haven't been active in a while, do yourself a favor and stop by and see what's new.

Over the last few months I've noticed they even added a promotions manager, willing to personally help you get referrals or answer any questions you may have, that's a big deal, nobody else is doing that.

If you're serious about making money online free, be sure to put Points2shop at the top of your free money making to do list.

Monday, August 18, 2014

How to Make $5 a Day Simple and Easy with any Phone

How to Make $5 a Dayme2 Online Doing Nothing, well almost nothing.

Let me show you how to make a free an easy $5 a day with the best paid App on the planet. You can start in the next few minutes an cashout real Paypal money in less than an hour.

No matter what type of phone you have, even if its a house phone you can earn money with it in just a few simple steps.

There’s a free App for your smart phone an a website for your house phone, so there’s no excuse for not making money when it’s this easy.

Before I discuss how to get paid for making calls on your house phone but first let me show you “how to make $5 a day” with a free paid App.

The App is called Apptrailers an it’s without a doubt the best paid app you’re ever fine for one major reason. No other App offers UNLIMITED trailers you can watch for real Paypal money.
Even without referrals you should have no problem earning $5 on your very first day. That’s a big deal, you can virtually earn money all day long.
Here how it works
Apptrailers works on iOS, Android, iPod, iPhone and iPad application.

Step 1. Go to your iDevice and download and install Apptrailers.

Step 2. Once you’re logged in, to start off with an extra 250 points, go to “bonus code” and type in the word “payme2” now you can start watching videos all day and get paid for it.

Step 3. Once you earn 50 cents you can cash out directly to your PayPal account.

How to Making Money with Your House Phone?
Not many people still have a house phone but if you do, there’s a website that can help you make money with it.
Treasuretrooper offers a lot of ways to make money but my favorite is the “cash call” feature.
Here’s how Cash Calls works to make you some easy money with your house phone.
Simply by calling the advertisers numbers they provide and asking a few good questions, and listening to what they have to say for a few minutes, that’s it. Cashout cash out via Paypal.
People are getting paid for all types of simple stuff, just about anything you can imagine.
Get paid to watch unlimited video:

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why Gifthulk is Better than Swagbucks

Gifthulk is a major get paid to site that accounts for more than 20 percent of my online earnings. Gifthulk is easily the most diverse and ingenious get paid to website ever.
What Makes Gifthulk Better than Swagbucks

There is no doubt Swagbucks is a great site, there aren't many sites as good as Swagbucks but there is one better.

3 Reasons Why Gifthulk is better than Swagbucks
1.) Gifthulk has unlimited videos you can watch for PayPal cash and Swagbucks only offer 150 get paid to watch videos for cash, including their free TV apps.
2.) Gifthulk is the only site that actually pays you to play games, that's a big deal.
3.) Gifthulk has a better referral program than Swagbucks. Even if your referral is inactive you get 100 points just for them signing up.
Best Ways to Earn with Gifthulk
I'm always looking for an easy way to make money online free. I never do surveys, I only like super easy ways to make money like, getting paid to watch videos, getting paid to play games, getting paid to surf the net and Gifthulk has all of these features.
A feature called Gifthilk TV where you earn money and get paid to watch unlimited videos which is very cool and almost effortless.

Gifthulk Amazing Card Games
If you really want to know how to make money and get paid for playing games look no further.
The game is called "Guess the Card" game, you can either guess the suit of the card or the rank of the card, guess both and when a good amount of money.
There's always new and better ways to make money online free and Gifthulk is a perfect example of that.
Gifthulk is better than most sites and is a real way to earn Paypal money.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Best 14 Money Making Free Sites

In this post I'm going to save you a massive amount of time and frustration, I'm featuring ONLY the best of the best, the top 14 free money making sites, I won't waste any of your time.
All of the sites featured here are super easy and pay out on time every time. making money online, do something these sites are easy, you won't have to learn anything new or pay any money to start making money today.
I only managed to find 14 real good get paid to sites after years of searching.
I've tested and reviewed many and most times I've been disappointed, these are the few sites that have stood the test of time and are still paying me and guaranteed not to disappoint you.
Here's 14 of the best free sites on the planet.
1. Gifthilk - Has everything, a super solid money and more, with unlimited videos for PayPal cash.
2. Swagbuck one of the best and well-known GPT site ever.
3. Points2shop - Most people have heard of points2shop, if you haven't joined you're really missing out on one of the very best site ever.
4. Treasuretrooper - Get paid to make phone calls, a great site with tons of money making features.
5. Clixsense - Definitely one of the best PTC on the currently online.
6. BingReward - I exchange my Bing points for Swagbucks, then I exchange my swag bucks for PayPal cash.
7. Epicrewardz - it looks a little old school but high paying, a must have in your arsenal.
8. Lootpalace - Has everything, definitely a top get paid to site.
Amazon gift card
9. Dollarupload - Get paid to upload videos and files, very easy.
Make money with dollarupload 10. Izea - Create content for Paypal cash, great for people with a big social following.
11. Prizerebel - One of the highest paying survey sites around.
12. Adfly - Get paid to share links.
13. PostLoop - is a pay-per-post site, easily learn $5 to $10 dollars a day, virtually get paid to make short post all day. -
14. Zoombucks - Has unlimited videos for PayPal cash and is completely international.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get paid to make short phone calls

Found this photo for you on Tumblr
There are lots of ways to make money online completely free. I only use the best methods and free site to earn a living online.

I Never Do Surveys
Even though I use survey sites to make money, doing surveys aren't the only way to make money online.

I'm getting paid to watch unlimited videos.

If watching short videos is too much work for you you can't get paid to do daily one answer polls, with a simple yes or no answers and earn real paypal money.

FREE SITES THAT WORK! - All free sites aren't the same.
I used over 50 legitimate free sites over the last few years but only got paid from about 10 of those sites
Just because a site is legit doesn't mean you're going to make money even if other people are making money.

The best sites are the ones who pay everybody every time without the hassle of having to send the administration a "I didn't get paid ticket" that's a hassle I refuse to go through.

I'd much rather lose the money I earned rather than go through the hassle of emailing someone a ticket begging for my money.

another site that pays you to watch unlimited videos

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Get Paid to Watch Videos 2014

Get Paid to Watch Videos

I found a super easy way to make $5 bucks a day just for watching videos on my phone!

The easiest way to make FREE money is called AppTrailers.

AppTrailers is a FREE App that pays to watch videos, and it only takes 3 simple steps before your casing out, BIG TIME.

Step 1. Go to your iDevice and download "App Trailers".

Step 2. Go to "Settings" at the bottom right.

Step 3. Create your account.

Step 4. To start off with an extra 250 points, go to "Bonus Code" and type in "payme2"

Step 5. Watch videos and make money!
Get Paid to 2014
Payment Proof of Payment just to show how easy it really is to make money and get paid to watch videos on you iPhone

Get Paid to Write - If your looking for a sure fire way to make some fast money for your content this is the way to go.

Get paid to watch videos on your PC!

Earning money and getting paid to watch videos has become easier and more efficient then ever before.

Get Paid 2014 Best Sites List