Saturday, June 15, 2013

How Can I Get Paid To Watch Videos

EveryDay Money: Getting Paid to Watch Videos?

There are many GPT (Get Paid to) sites which claim to pay you to watch videos but once join the sites you soon find out there's only a few videos to watch or they have a limit of videos you can watch in one day, that's very frustrating, especially when you have bills to pay.

The question I get from readers more than any other question is "how can I make money for watching videos".  Everybody seems to be looking for a easy way to make money from home and me too. The choices seem endless but actually there are only a few options that really work and allow the average person to earn good money all day long, with out referrals.

Earning Money All Day Long!
There's nothing I like more than making money accept making money for doing super easy stuff like watching videos. 

GiftHulk is a GPT site with no limits on what you can earn everyday, by yourself, no referrals needed. It's completely free and offers its members multiple ways to earn unique virtual currency called Hulk Coins. 

Those Coins can later be redeemed for a wide variety of items like PayPal Money, Amazon Gift Cards, and many other gift cards. 

The New GiftHulk
GiftHulk started in June 2011. Recently they have made some updates and improvements which make Gifthulk hard to beat. The "treasure box" has been replaced with "guess the card". Where users can win Hulk Coins by guessing what type of card is going to be drawn next. 

I won 50 HC (as shown in the screen show below)  this is only my 3rd time playing the game "guess the card" an I've already won 50 HC (GiftHulk Coins, worth real cash).

The New GiftHulk - Guess The Card

Make Money Watching!

I've test and review sites over the years and only managed to find a few that allow it's members to earn money consistently, with enough videos to watch everyday without limits.  If you can find a FREE GPT site or free app as good or better than or as good as the sites on my short list below of sites that paid to watch UNLIMITED videos please leave a comment at the bottom with your referral link and if I like your site I will promote your link on this blog, permanently. 
  1. SwagbucksTV - Swagbucks TV - Open to International Members
  2. iRazoo - There is no point limit on videos for those in the USA. 
  3. AppTrailers - Free (iPhone, Android, iPad) App  * Bonus Code ' adminextra '
  4. Zoombucks - ZB Videos is International.
  5. Get-Paid - Get paid to do almost every thing, international members welcome

Here's How You Can Get Paid to Watch! 

For videos, they have a section called Hulk TV. Every 10 videos watched, earns you 10 hulk
coins. This is what makes Gift better than most sites because the your paid to watch videos and the videos are unlimited and every 24 hours you can watch the same videos and make money daily. 
  • Type of Work: Offers, Polls, Surveys
  • Earnings: HulkCoins can be earned in many different ways. 480-500HC = $5
  • Payment Method:  PayPal, Giftcards
  • Availability: International

How can I earn GiftHulk Coins?

There are many ways to earn GiftHulk Coins, here are just a few of the easiest ways I use.

Search&Win – Use GiftHulk Search as your everyday search engine and you will have a chance to win Hulk Coins, Gifts, and much more with every search. 

GiftHulk Search&Win combines search results from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Yes, you can win just by searching! There is no limit of earned/stored/redeemed Hulk Coins. 

The Daily Polls is a guaranteed easy way to earn a point a day. Simply find Daily Polls on the under Earn Coins, answer the question and submit.  Super Easy!

Codes worth points will be available everyday. They are posted to Twitter and Facebook daily, some codes expire quickly while others have a limited amount of entries, be quick to get them.