Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get Paid to Stay at Home

Stay at Home Why Go to Work?
Virtually anybody can make money from home despite any down turn in the economy. The Internet is the perfect tool for not only looking for a way to make extra money from home but also a providing a way to actually do it. 

Fortunately there are free GPT (Get Paid To) sites that have made it possible to earn money with very little effort, no cost and you never have to leave the comfort of your home. 

BE CONSISTENT - That's The Secret 
Making money from home can be an uphill battle but it doesn't have to be. It's all a matter of finding to right sites and doing the simple work required to earn the money. 

The trick is finding the few really high paying dependable GPT sites, I found 10 of the best GPT sites and got myself organized, wrote down a list of sites and tasks I need to complete everyday (paid to watch videos is my favorite task) got myself a game plan, I realized earning extra cash is a lot easier than I ever thought possible.

Get Paid To Sites: What's it Worth? 
I only use the best GPT (Get Paid to) sites, a good site too me has to be well designed, simple and of course it has to be FREE. 

I have very little time so any GPT or survey site that isn't worth much. The sites I join has to be worth at least $60 a month, there has to be the ability to earn a $2.00 a day or more, (without referrals).

Now if you join 10 free sites and earn $60 a month with each - that's $600 a month, you see where I'm going with this, "to the bank" 

Points2shop More than Just Points!
Points2shop is utterly brilliant, I would strongly recommend this free service to anyone looking for a legitimate and simple way to start making money and stay at home, I strongly recommend you to Points2shop. Points2shop is a free Survey Site designed for anyone who wants to earn extra money from at no cost. 

The concept of the site is simple, you get paid to stay at home and complete free offers, watch videos, do daily tasks, complete surveys, try some apps. I only watch videos because I have no to or you can do paid offers to get some points/cash. I love this site and I've earned over $450.00, it's the best, I would recommend this to anyone!

My Latest Paypal Payment Proofs 

(Click image to Enlarge)

GiftHulk Instant Payout
GiftHulk is a well established GPT (Get Paid To) Website that has been paying it's free members since 2008. Its open to member from all countries but the majority of their membership comes for the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia. You must be 18 years or 13 years with parents approval. 

They also have Guess the card is the most intriguing part. You can either guess the suit of a playing card for a small amount of coins. Or guess the rank of the card for a little more, or guess both for a good amount. How many times you can play depends on your level. You can earn levels by being more active on the site. On the screen you can see I won 50 points.
  • 1$ as minimum payout, withdraw via Paypal or Payza!
  • You also Get 25% from your referrals earnings  
  • Who Can Join GiftHulk? Open to users from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Ireland.
How Do I Get Paid?
GiftHulk pays out via PayPal Instantly when you have earned $5.if you choice to get paid via
Paypal.  I made $5.00 as shown in the screenshot below.  

Redeeming is straightforward, all dollar amounts and points equal. $5 is 5000 points Paypal and all gift cards you get. This makes it much easier to redeem and not try to find the best deals. In the past Amazon was way cheaper than Paypal, with others in the middle, but now it's just all the same.

You can also withdraw money by a Custom Check or Gift cards. Prizes are delivered to your shipping address. Start making money from home TONIGHT, Click Here to start completely free.

All the sites featured on this blog are the most trusted and best GPT sites you'll find anywhere. I making money online full time using free sites only so I know it can be done and you and do it too. There is nothing better than getting paid to stay at home.

I love comments, it's a source of encouragement to me, so if you have any free GPT Sites you'd like me to review or questions, kindly leave a comment.